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It is highly important that you read, agree and understand our policies and vital information that we will share below.
We appreciate your trust in us!

We have the right to deny any services to those who do not wish to agree with the following terms:



Do not call, leave voicemail , or send Dm on our social media handles.

- You can reschedule up to 3 times as long as you give a 24 hours notice. 

- Failure to reschedule within 24 hour mark will result in forfeiting your deposit and you will be charged the $35-75 FEE depending on the service booked to the card on file.

If the card declines you will not be able to rebook with us until that fee is paid in full.

- After 3rd reschedule, you lose deposit.

It is your responsibility to know/remember the day and time of your appointment.

- To reschedule please send us an email 24hrs before your appointment time.

Email is :

No call/ No show:

 - Failure to call or show up to your appointment will result in you forfeiting your deposit and $55-$75 No call/ No show fee ,depending on the service booked, will be charged to the card on file. 


If the card declines you will not be able to rebook with us until that fee is paid in full.


Late fee will be charged after 10 min of your scheduled appointment.

Notifying your lateness ahead of time doesn't invalidate the late fee (calling, emailing or another form of notification).

- After 15 min, your appointment is automatically cancelled. You will be responsible for the last minute cancellation fee ($35-$75) depending on the service booked) and will be automatically charged to the card on file. Deposits are non-transferrable, non-refundable. meaning it cannot be applied to another service.

- If your card declines, a different form of payment will be required in order to be able to book again. 



- Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable

- You may cancel with a 24hr notice and a deposit credit will be held for 60 days.

- Failure to cancel your appointment within 24 hours will result in a $35-75 Fee .

Other important information:

- Deposits are non-refundable/non-transferable.

- Des'nu Esthetics is not responsible for damaged, stolen or lost items.


Silent your cell phones.

Restrain from answering phone calls in spa. We want each client to enjoy relaxation, silence and quietness.


Keep your voice low.  

No children / No extra guests.

if you have an extra guest thats interested in receiving a service, please notify us ahead of time to make sure it can be performed as we are by appointment only.


Children are not allowed for safety reasons. if you show up with a child we will not perform the service and your deposit will be forfeited. 

We are following all the COVID-19 procedures; masks must be worn, social distance, temperature check, hands washing/sanitizing. 

Returns & Exchanges

- All sales are FINAL. We do not perform refunds.


- Products are final sale and non-refundable.


- Broken/tampered with seals will not be exchanged. 

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