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Do I need a consultation?

Consultations are ideal for first time clients or those who are unsure about what their skin need. During a consultation we take a closer look to your skin to analyze it, talk about it and guide you to the process of choosing a treatment suitable for your skin type and skin needs. We recommend everyone to get a consultation prior selecting a treatment. 

How can I cancel/reschedule my appointment?

For cancellation and rescheduling we highly advice you read our policy. Click here to read it. Send us an email to and give us 48hours to respond. If no response is given, please give us a call ( 407 - 912 - 7445 ) with 24hour notice before any cancellation or rescheduling. Fees will be charged after no call/no shows or less than 24 hour notice. You will lose deposit. 

How do I purchase ENVIRON skincare?

A consultation/skin analysis provided by one of our estheticians is needed before purchasing the products at the spa. We do offer a product starter consultation as well as a virtual consultation. To pick up a product, give us a call  ( 407 - 912 - 7445 ) during business hours. ENVIRON skincare is prescribed skincare and cannot be sold online. Every products has a strict shelf life and is light sensitive, therefore, we DO NOT RECOMMEND purchasing online. 

How often should I get a facial?

Generally, a monthly facial will be enough unless you're treating a specific skin need or condition like: acne, sensitivity, severe hyperpigmentation and so on.

What is the pre and post facial care?

PRE CARE: double check your appointment date/time, avoid exfoliating for 48 hours, avoid using retinol, BHA, AHA, for 48 hours, no makeup, no picking, arrive 10 min early. 

POST CARE: no touching/picking skin, keep products on overnight, no makeup 24hours, no exfoliating 48 hours, no use of BHA, AHA, 48hours, change pillow case, wear SPF. 

Returns & Exchanges

No returns. For exchanges, please call ( 407 - 912 - 7445 )

How can I book an appointment?

You can call directly to the spa ( 407 - 912 - 7445 ) or book online. Click here to make an appointment. 

Is the spa COVID-19 safe? 

Correct. We clean, sanitize and disinfect every corner, surface and space every single day. Our disinfecting products are hospital grade and are able to kill the virus. We're also practicing social distance, wearing masks at all times, washing hands and sanitizing hands. Our clients MUST wash their hands upon arrival, wear a mask and temperature will be checked. Anybody presenting symptoms WON'T BE ALLOWED in the spa. 

Can I have a facial if I'm pregnant?

Absolutely! We highly advice you talk to your provider before getting a facial. We will also skip a few steps of the facial to keep you and your little one safe. 

Can a male get a facial?

YES! Skincare has NO gender! All the men are welcome to the spa. 

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